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How Long Does A Food Processor Last? Influencing Factors And Notes When Using

A food processor is a very supportive tool for homemakers. The main use of a meat grinder is to puree large and small pieces of food.

How long does a food processor last? The answer is influenced by many factors. Because the operating time of the food processor depends upon the capacity, size, as well as frequency of use. These factors affect the operating time and durability of the food processor.

For small-scale units, the operating time can be from one to three years under the warranty. Besides, large-scale commercial units can last from four to seven years.

The duration of the food processor also varies shorter or longer depending on the frequency of use as well as the type of food.

This article by Filmore & Union will help you to overcome the above situation. 

Let’s read on to know more details!

Factors That Make Up The Durability Of A Food Processor

There are many criteria to evaluate to be able to prove that it affects the durability of a food processor:


The brand does not determine 100% of the durability of a food processor. However, it is not natural that some food processor brands have a good name in the market.

You also need to consider the design of a food processor and the price. The most expensive is not the most durable!


A food processor is durable in large part thanks to durable materials

The blade is the part that directly affects the performance of a food processor. A good blade must be the type that helps puree the food precisely as needed. It does not wear, break, rust easily but must be durable over time.

The blade must also ensure hygiene and safety for health. The most popular ones today are blades made from stainless steel. In a high-end food processor, the blade is from even better alloys.

As for the mill, most food processors today have the mill part made from glass or shatter-resistant plastic. Glass material is durable, clean solid, easy to clean, and safe for health. 

But the weight is relatively heavy, and if dropped or hit hard, it will break more easily. The shatterproof plastic material is compact, durable, and effectively shatterproof but a bit more difficult to clean than glass.

Extra Features

In addition to the grinding function, the types of food processors that integrate overflow protection, safety locks... for safe and convenient use also bring efficiency and increase the durability of the processor.


A food processor with a larger capacity will grind food faster and puree, but conversely, it will consume more power and may cause the machine to overheat, causing the machine to fail more quickly.

Usually, if using to grind soft foods, people will choose processors with 300 to 400W. On the contrary, if the need to grind hard seeds and grind meat, a capacity of over 1000W will be reasonable and better.

Six Rules To Help Food Processor Last Longer

Besides the technical factors, users also need to take note to prolong the life of a food processor. Remember that a food processor can be used from three to ten years depending greatly on how careful you are when using it:

Cut food into small pieces

Don't forget to chop food before processing

Many people who use food processors often do not chop food but put a large portion into it. It is one of the harmful habits that anyone can quickly get into because they think the blade will puree, no need to take the effort to chop the food.

In fact, before grinding, you should cut food into small pieces about 2-3cm so that your home food processor can work better, preserve the processor and blades more effectively, and last longer.

Processor liquid food first, dry food later

When you need to grind various foods, you should grind liquid foods first and then add dry foods to the processor for the best performance.

Do not put hot liquid into the processor; let it cool before proceeding to grind.

For warm foods, remove the small lid at the start of the food processor to air out the jar.

As for dry food, while grinding, you need to stop the processor from time to time, use the chopsticks (supplied with the machine) to push the food to the bottom of the blender, and then continue grinding.

With hot foods, you should let them cool down before blending. For dry food, you need to stop the food processor from time to time and use the chopstick to push the food to the bottom of the processor and continue grinding.

Remove the hard seeds and the bones from the flesh 

You need to know, if you grind food with complex objects such as bones or seeds of some fruits, your food processor will have a lot of problems, affecting the machine's performance and causing the machine to fail quickly.

Before grinding meat or fruit, you need to remove all the bones from the meat, remove the hard seeds in the fruit because otherwise, these hard seeds or bones can damage the blender blade. 

Besides, the solution is not smooth when you finish grinding, no longer guaranteed to be delicious.

Choose to buy a processor with iron or anti-rust metal blade

A food processor will last longer if you use it carefully

When choosing to buy a processor, in addition to paying attention to performance and product design, you also need to pay attention to the processor's blade. 

You should pay attention to choose a processor with blades made from rust-proof metal. If you select a plastic or glass container, it is still guaranteed to withstand force and heat well.

Don’t let the machine run continuously and grind when the processor jar is empty

You should note that when the processor has no water or food, absolutely do not operate the processor. 

While the processor is operating, you do not remove the processor's lid but have to wait until the processor stops rotating.

Should not grind continuously for more than 30 seconds, but should stop, then continue to rotate after letting the processor rest for a few minutes, especially when the machine is hot; need to stop operating the machine immediately.

Don’t grind foods that are not suitable for your food processor

In addition to the foods, fruits, and raw nuts suitable for the processor, you also need to be careful not to use the processor for foods that are not compatible with the machine or should not use for the processor.

For example, foods that contain fiber, hard frozen fruit, nuts that are too dry and hard, etc. It can affect the processor blade and can also ruin the taste of the dish.


YouTube source: Allrecipes


How long does a food processor last? The answer depends on the technical information of the processor and whether the user uses it correctly.

The important thing is that you need to choose processors with the suitable capacity for your needs, durable mortar, and blade material. You should choose 300W for soft food and 1000W for grinding hard food.

Besides, during use, do not forget not to grind food while it is still hot.

We hope that you can answer the question via this article and know how to choose as well as use a food processor properly to make them last longer!

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