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How Many Amps Does A Coffee Maker Use?

When choosing electrical equipment, people are often very interested in indicators related to its electricity usage such as Volt, Amps, capacity, etc.,

You are planning to buy a coffee machine but wondering about its electricity consumption. Besides, you also want to find out how many Amps this device uses to determine if it is suitable for your family's electricity level?

So, how many amps does a coffee maker use? Coffee machines will use an amperage of 5-8 amps. For more details, take the time to learn the following information in the article of Filmore & Union.

What Does Amps Mean?

What Does Amps Mean?

Amp is an acronym for Ampere, which refers to the standard unit of measurement of amperage.

You can determine this index by measuring the electromagnetic force between current-carrying conductors. In addition, on electrical equipment, this unit of measure is often denoted "A".

The manufacturer will clearly show the Amps rating on each device. However, in physics and experiments, you can determine this index using professional measuring equipment.

In addition, you can also determine the amperage reading based on the formula "Amps = Watt/Volt." 

How Many Amps Does A Coffee Maker Use?

The Coffee Maker Uses Amp

If you want to know how many Amps coffee machines are and how they operate currently, please refer to the helpful information below.

How many amps do coffee machines use?

Home coffee machines will operate with amperage in the range of 5-8 Amps. Some professional mixers with large capacity often have a higher Amps rating, even up to 14-20 Amps.

This indicator depends on the capacity of the device and the voltage difference of the current. Specifically, Amps are inversely proportional to Volt, so the machines will have a higher amperage index in areas using current with a voltage of about 110V.

For example, a coffee machine with a maximum capacity of 1500W will use 13.6 Amps when connected to a voltage of 110V. In the meantime, if you combine this device with a 220V power supply, it will only use 6.8 Amps.

Why determine the Amps rating of the coffee maker?

This indicator helps you check the suitability of the device to your household's current.

The power source will have a defined amperage level, and your task when choosing electrical equipment is to consider this factor. Electrical appliances need to be compatible with the power source for it to work effectively.

For example, you will not be able to connect a professional coffee machine with a large Amps of about 13.5 to a small amperage of only about 6-8 A. Then, for the coffee maker to work correctly, you need to install additional pressure boosters.

In addition, based on the formula "Amps = Watt / Volt," it can be that the Amps index helps you determine the power of the device.

Besides, in some areas, the rated power supply is 110V or 220V, so based on the given Amps and capacity, you can check the volt level to determine if this device is suitable when connecting to your power supply.

In particular, the Amps index is also the basis for checking the energy level that the coffee machine uses. From there, you can calculate the monthly and annual electricity costs of this device yourself. 

How To Find The Amps Of A Coffee Machine?

Information about the powerpoints in use guide

Do you want to check information about the Amps rating of your coffee machine? You can use many different ways to find it.

Specifically, we will introduce you to several methods to help detect how many Amps a coffee machine uses.

First, you plan to buy a new device but want to determine how many Amps it uses to make sure it matches the current household power rating.

Then, look up information about the Model number on the Internet; you will know the exact Amps level of the device you plan to buy.

For coffee machines you just bought, you can ask the seller about this indicator in advance. In addition, the manufacturer will also show this indicator on the box or manual, so you can directly check it very quickly.

The Amps rating has an abbreviated symbol "A,". You just need to look for it on the package to know how many Amps your new machine uses.

If you have lost the box and manual for the device you are using, how to check the Amps? Usually, on the device, there will be a stamp or braille section showing the "A" - Amps, "V" - Volt, and "W" - Watt readings that it consumes.

In addition, you can also check the Model number and then look up the information on the Internet.

Besides, you can also calculate the Amps index when knowing the Watt and volt readings of the device through the formula: Amps = Watt / Volt.

Tips To Save Energy When Using A Coffee Machine

Tips To Save Energy When Using A Coffee Machine

Although the cost you have to pay for the electric energy your coffee machine consumes every year is negligible, it would be great if you could reduce them.

Please refer to some tips to save electrical energy when using the coffee maker.

Regular cleaning


Keeping the coffee machine clean is also a solution to help you save electrical energy because dirt will affect the machine's performance. When equipment is clean, its operating capacity will remain at its optimum level by minimizing waste.

You may find that if you haven't cleaned it for a long time, your device will get hotter during operation. Therefore, keep it clean because you can save electrical energy.

Regular cleaning for the machine

Try cold drinks

Using cold drinks in the summer is also a way to save electrical energy when using a coffee machine. Because it will help you cut down on the energy, it takes to heat and keep the water warm.

Turn it off when not in use

Some coffee machines have an automatic mode, and you often choose to have the device turn itself off. However, this will cost you extra electricity costs for some useless activities.

So after using it, could you turn off the machine and clean it? As such, you can save on the electrical energy this device uses compared to choosing the automatic mode. 


To better understand the operation and energy consumption of the coffee machine, you can refer to the following questions. They will be beneficial for you and help you choose the suitable machine for your family's power supply.

How many watts of power does a coffee maker use?

In addition to the Amps parameter, people also wonder how many watts the coffee machine will use.

Coffee makers will use 750 - 1200 Watt depending on the model, size, operating capacity. In particular, the product is designed with automatic shut down after two hours. The average is perusing, and they will consume about 0.83 kWh.

Specifically, the Keurig line of coffee machines typically uses 200-400 watts to keep the water hot. They need to use up to 1500 watts to boil water and conduct automatic coffee makers when in full brew mode.

Does a coffee maker use a lot of electricity?

On average, a coffee maker needs to operate for about 10 minutes to produce 4 cups of coffee. For example, your machine uses a capacity of 800 watts per hour.

What is the current in the coffee maker?


When making coffee, the current in modern coffee machines uses about one Watt. If they operate, 24h will cost about 24 watts, equivalent to 8.76 kWh per year.

In addition, these machines usually use a voltage of about 11V or 220V, and an amperage of about 5-8 Amps.


In a nutshell, coffee makers will use around 5-8 Amps, specifically depending on their model and size. Hopefully, with the information we share above, you will better understand the Amps and currents that this device consumes.

Realistically, the amount of electricity this device consumes is negligible, but we hope you can apply energy-saving tips to reduce your costs. 

Thank you for reading!

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